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Beautiful, Brave Women

I saw this quote and it stirred something in me. My mind immediately went to all the women who adoption effects, either as birth or adoptive mothers, and I am so grateful to be in this world with them.

Throughout my life I've been faced with challenges, uphill battles and struggles. This adoption experience is unique and surely in a category by itself. But one thing I am certain of is that each of those moments lead me here. Two things comfort me about this. First, my mother prepared me to be resilient and go after the things I want. Never give up, pick yourself up when you get knocked down and fight some more. Fight until the goal or dream is reached. The second is that I know I'm not alone.

I read articles talking about people who shame or accuse birth mothers for choosing adoption and to be frank, I just don't understand it. Like to my core... don't get it!It makes me think that these insensitive, small minded people are some of the weakest among us. Who is anyone to judge, let alone comment, on a parent's wishes for their children? How dare you criticize a love so great and selfless when you have no idea what is happening in that person's life? Shouldn't every child be given all the possibilities in the world to become a magnificent human?

The strength it takes to come to that decision is one this human, this woman ,will forever admire and respect.

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