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The Path That Lead Me Here

As I walked through downtown Boston during my vacation a few weeks ago I found myself approaching a path that I walked many, many times during my first two years there. Rain or shine, 100% humidity or an ice storm, I make the trek to Government Center on the T (Boston's transportation system). Then I'd walk past city hall and down the stairs though Faneuil Hall to the edge of the North End.

Right along the edge of the waterfront I got my first job teaching at a sweet childcare center who hired me to be the lead teacher in their toddler room. I really had no idea what I was doing at first but eventually found my groove and began to grow as a person and professional. Much of that had to do with two wonderful women, Amy and Maureen with whom I worked with and eventually became close and dear friends. Although I'm not working directly with children anymore I think about almost daily, wondering what they would think about our field's accomplishments and how thankful I am that I had their counsel and influence.

I was a ripe old age of 22 when I first got to the city and had quite a few milestones under my belt, but I truly grew up in Boston. It's why I adore they city, why I think about moving back, why I call it home. My dearest and closest friends came from the experiences we shared there while they were growing up right alongside me. Only now do I realize that those moments created the foundation our family will be built on. The morals I'll teach, the expectations we'll have for one another, the support system we'll rely on and hope for dreams coming true.

Certain places, monuments, intersections had my head flooding with memories that a second before were stored deep in my mind and POOF I was reliving it. They weren't all happy even right out painful, but they all are a part of me and will be a part of my family. So I want to say thank you to the people who made me stronger, braver, smarter and a fiercely loyal friend. To the city thank you for the Red Sox and Dunkin Donuts, for Mike's Pastry and the best accent in the country, for city streets lined with history and the unique balance of townies and yuppies living happily ever after.

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