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Adoption is probably the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life. You feel like your heart is being ripped out. But if you're doing it for all the right reasons your life will be truly blessed forever.  -Laura Gladden

As a single parent I will have to return to work after a maternity leave. I would love to find a nanny until the baby is about a year old . From there I'll look for a quality child care center where Baby's development can be nurtured.  Guess it's a good thing I know a little about child development!

I also know that a parent is a child's first teacher so I plan to make I'm being thoughtful about every teachable moment we have. This also means talking, reading and singing all the time especially when they are little.

My dream is to be able to support, nurture and love my child to become the best
version of themselves and set them on a path for happiness, health and immeasurable success. I can't do this alone so my family and many "aunties and uncles" will be the people I lean on, seek out for advice and maybe once in a while babysit while I have a bit of alone time.

It won't always be easy for me to find a balance and I don't take single parenting lightly. But I do know that I can do it and be really, really good at it.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. 

I live in a great apartment in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of L.A. Most afternoons you'll see kids and dogs out for walks and enjoying the weather. Most  people describe the house as cozy when the visit the first time.

To start the baby is going to share my room with me and there's a perfect place for a crib, changing table and all those itty bity clothes. After a few months we'll move to a place with a bedroom for each of us and then I can really go crazy with the nursery.

I had a remarkable role model in my mother in how to love and parent your child unconditionally. I know I'll be drawing from those experiences daily.

 Learning about the differences in my parents’ life experiences helped me to better understand and respect the differences in people. Teaching these same values along with kindness, courtesy, resiliency, gratitude and thankfulness are some I hope to instill in my child.

As a part of this adoption process I hope to learn as much as possible about the expectant mother and father's lives and families so I can honor them. Having access to this information or even interactions with their birth family will help Baby develop a strong sense of self and have a clear understanding of where they came from.

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