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Since childhood I wished to be a mother. I played "house" and took care of my baby dolls and when I got older I dedicated my higher education and career to our youngest children, studying and working in the Early Childhood Field.

But in the Fall of 2013 as I approached a milestone birthday, I realized my BIGGEST wish of all had yet to be fulfilled.  Motherhood.


I started with several rounds of fertility treatments which were expensive and emotionally draining, especially with each failed attempt. But there was NO WAY I was giving up on my dream. Adoption was something I thought about often during the treatments and in the summer of 2015 I started on this adoption journey and haven't looked back once.

Some girls

dreamt about their wedding.

I dreamt about becoming a mother.


Selfie at the ballpark


Too cool for school

alexadoptionjourney #buymyshirt #adoptionfundr

Showing off their adoption swag


First Christmas with my goddaughter


My niece and I (2008)

Naptime with Auntie Alex


Back in my days of teaching

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