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You Say It's Your Birthday...

Between the middle of August through the middle of October I'm on birthday overload. 5 family members plus my own just a few days ago and at least another dozen friends or their kids or their husbands. It's wonderful to have so many people to celebrate and it got me thinking about what I want to do with my own family. So I decided to put together this list. You know how I like to plan...

1. Themed Birthdays - My niece started this about 8 years ago when over a burger dinner she announced she wanted to throw my dad a Pirate Birthday party. On a paper napkin we sketched out ideas for his cake and table decorations. The tradition stuck and we've had everything from shopping to the Pillsbury Doughboy to NCIS.

2. Growing up my mom would place a wreath of greens and flowers around the birthday boy/girl's place setting. (Yes we ate breakfast and dinner together where we talked about the day ahead or events from the day.) Not only will this tradition carry on but sitting down and eating together will also be an everyday tradition in our house.

3. I saw this idea online and fell in love! Every year you ask the child a series of Birthday Interview questions and capture their answers. Documenting their interests and dreams is such an interesting way to capture certain memories. Just think about saving these and binding them into a book to give on their 18th birthday!

4. Homemade cards was something we did as kids for all holidays including birthdays. My brother made some PHENOMENAL cards over the years many which are safely stored in memory boxes.

5. Imaging waking up to your room filled with balloons and with groggy, sleepy eyes walking through a doorway of streamers. Who wouldn't immediately feel special, happy and ready to celebrate?

6. Usually for Christmas or Channukah (we celebrated both) we unwrapped empty gift boxes knowing the money was given to children who were much less fortunate than us. What an amazing lesson we learned as early as 4 years old. There is no question that for each holiday we celebrate this tradition will be in place.

7. When my brother and I outgrew birthday parties my mom began baking each of our favorite cakes (a chocolate number for David and a creamy, raspberry torte for me). It was the only time that cake was baked so it was always super special.

8. If the homemade card and birthday interview had a baby it would this birthday banner - a chance for me to say all the ways I think the birthday child is awesome and why I love them.

I hope that I will be there when Baby comes into the world, but know that may not be the case and I'm totally ok with that. The significance of the day no matter where I am will never, ever be lost on me. It is the day our story begins...

This is the start of your sweet little story The part where your page meets mine

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