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Can you ever be prepared for an earthquake?

Umm NO! Well yes in theory but mentally and emotionally perhaps not. I learned very quickly when I moved to LA how important it was to get oneself, their family and home prepared. My first earthquake in 2007 (a teeny one on the scale) scared the bejeez out of me and I got serious. Truth be told when someone barrels down the stairs at my apartment or the windows at my office creaks from the Santa Ana winds, all color leaves my face and I stop breathing which is followed by someone laughing at my reaction and an assurance we are all good.

All my big furniture is bolted to the walls and valuables and breakables are held down with earthquake putty. This actually exists and is strong but not as strong as the Liquid Nails my mother used to secure some pictures to the wall! Clearly she took the preparation much more seriously than I did. During an emergency preparedness training at work we were encouraged to keep food and water stashed around the house so off I went to hide bottles of water and cans of chili under the couch and in my nightstand. Eventually food, clothes, wipes and diapers will get added to the emergency kits in the car so everyone is safe.

As much as I get teased about my "anxieties" it makes me feel better knowing that if the day comes, we have access to the few things we'll need besides each other. We'll wait here sipping our water and snacking on chili until our "Auntie Sally" (the one person more prepared than I am) comes with her emergency cookies and a hug.

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