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Much Needed Vacation

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a very overdue vacation and I'm heading...home. Yes there's a big part of me that considers the east coast especially Boston my home. I know, I know, I've lived in L.A. for almost ten years. For moment it's where I live and not my home. Maybe that will change when life with my child becomes the new normal but I'm not sure. Over the last 3 years when I've travelled east I' ve wondered if this will be the last one by myself. There are so many people, places and things I can't wait to show my child. To experience with them in a new and miraculous way that could only happen with a child, let alone your own child, makes my heart flutter with excitement.

Vacation (back home) will include a weekend in NYC with my brother and sister in law. Favorite peeps and we always have a good time wandering the city, picnicing in the park and just enjoying each other's company. Then it's off to Boston for a few including a Red Sox game which makes me super happy! And finally 5 glorious days with the Bestie and her family. Ashamed to say I haven't seen them in about three years - her youngest was barely walking or taking during the last visit and I can't wait to learn more about her personality. The oldest is busting at the seams to talk Harry Potter and I promised we could cover any and everything she'd like.

So whether or not this is the last solo trip I'm looking forward to it. I know I'll catch myself in moments, continuing to wonder and dream, so I'll stash those thoughts away for another day.

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