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The Big Apple

A perfect start to this vacation in New York City - a hectic place that has been a part of my life since childhood. Growing up in New Jersey we spent quite a few Saturday's walking Fifth Ave looking at the holiday windows, munching on pretzels as big as our heads and sipping on hot chocolate to keep warm. Other times we ate dinners of food from other countries and cultures when my father's business associates were in town. Some of my favorite memories were going to Broadway shows like "Annie", "Into The Woods", and "Les Miserables."

Now that my brother and sister-in-law live and work in the city, visits tend to have some more grown up themes but I couldn't help but get caught day dreaming during this visit. Dreaming about the first time my child and I take in the city, to see it through their eyes, loud, overwhelming and exciting. Dreaming about the first play we'll go to and will they love the music as much as I did. Wishing my dad was still here to take us to Serendipity for some sweet treats. Imagining my mom pushing a stroller through Central Park while the little one runs through the enormous fields.

I'll keep dreaming and wishing and imagining as I continue through this vacation. Resting my head in Boston tonight and feeling like I'm home. Lots more to share soon.

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