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Is it Football season yet?

"Alex, are you excited for football season?" one of my co-workers asked me the other day. I looked at her funny because I'm DEEP in baseball mode, praying the Red Sox can make it to the playoffs.

Then it occured to me and I asked, "Are you ready for some treats? Is that why you're asking?"

She shyly nodded and I grinned knowing my football season activities makes everyone happy. Every Sunday I tune in to watch my Patriots (and other teams if there is nothing else on) and a mad woman.

I looooooove baking but between my gluten sensitivity and wanting my pants to fit I can't make things for myself. And really I love seeing people's faces when a tray of goodies awaits them in the office kitchen. Hearing the yummy sounds is music to my ears.

Here is one of my favorite recipes so maybe you can join the Sunday Funday Baking Club.

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