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How to Manage an Adoption Journey

Carefully or gusto? Timidly or like a linebacker? I'm not sure there's a right answer. Or maybe the right answer is it depends on the day.

Take this website as an example. I started my "official" adoption journey a little over a year ago and made the decision to become a mother almost 3 years ago. But it wasn't until very recently, in the quiet of a Saturday afternoon that I started to feel anxious. Not desperate but I started to worry I wasn't doing enough to make my dream come true. So I made myself comfy and for the better part of two weeks did my homework building this website, challening my energy into something positive. (Hurray me!)

And I (and all adoptive parents) are only one part of the story. I can't and won't forget all the birth mothers trying to make a decision for the unborn child they are carrying. The emotions and responsibility they each carry need to be "managed" too. I hope that one day soon my child's birth mother and I can connect and figure out the right places for us to manage this journey together.

So the answer is I don't know and I may have misled you that I had all the answers. I promise you I do not. Honestly, I think there is no right answer but YOU ARE NOT ALONE whether you're an adoptive or birth parent. What I do know is I'm going to keep searching. I'm going to tell everyone I know and every stranger that will listen that I'm searching for my child. I'm going to send positive and hopeful thoughts into the universe while I pick up every stray penny and wish on every eye lash I find. I'm going to keep adding posts here at every social media outlet I can.

And from here you can have a lilttle insight how I'm managing my journey...

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